Why Share WiFi?

Why Share WiFi?

WiFi is expected in public places these days, just like water and electricity. Almost all locations have started providing WiFi access, which right now is a free amenity that is shouldered by the venue with no apparent return on the expense you will incur.



So why share WiFi if there’s no apparent return? Before, there wasn’t a lot of tools that can help justify the expense, but with modern technology, there’s the marketing support that can help drive sales which justifies with a return on your investment.


Then came Social WiFi, which shows people a wifi login page, allowing you, as a venue owner, to collect more information (WiFi analytics) which can help you understand and make better business decisions. After that, you can send targeted and personalized messages to drive sales to your business.


Imagine, bringing in data, more sales and marketing campaign savings that easily justifies the WiFi amenity you provide. This would be enough to have any business share wifi in their venues.

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