WiFi Ad: advanced advertising technology

WiFi Ad: advanced advertising technology



60% or more connect to WiFi in establishments, they spend at least 30 minutes and uses WiFi for both work and personal. Thanks to the advancement of WiFi thru Social WiFi and WiFi hotspot systems, we’ve been able to gather more data from WiFi users. This is the perfect opportunity in advertising as we’re able to serve relevant, targeted and personalized advertising at the right place and the right time!


So how does WiFi Ad work?

  1. Users login thru Social media or registration form, allowing us to collect more information about the user.
  2. We can then serve targeted advertising to users based on their profile (Demographic, Location, Behavior)
  3. Higher engagement and relevance thru smarter WiFi Ad.



What can we really track to show ads:

  • Demographics
  • Location (which can reflect spending power)
  • Visit Behavior
  • Usage
  • And even more data thru forms


WiFi Advertising is definitely a technology to watchout for in the Advertising industry. It’s about being able to reach users when they’re out of home, and usually offline. This technology allows you to reach them when it matters and when they’re close to point of sale (POS).

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