WiFi Ad Injections

WiFi Ad Injections

WiFi Ad injections have been around for quite some time, and how the tech works is that it injects advertising into the user’s browser to display your ad. There has been much debate on this feature and it’s a gray area technically, legally and ethically.

What’s great about it is that it inserts the ads into the browser which naturally looks like the website’s ad and can stay on the browser of the user.


The main challenge of this technology is that given the changes of Google preferring secured sites (https:), ad injection doesn’t work anymore and couldn’t insert ads within the page. With the rise of mobile devices, the bigger question is whether people use their browser or do they use apps? And as apps are mostly used, ads don’t appear in them.


There’s been a huge security tightening in this space and Ad injections couldn’t push further. What’s great is that we have another solution that can bring WiFi Advertising Revenues to help you!

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