WiFi Advertising Platform – Vayafi

WiFi Advertising Platform – Vayafi

WiFi Advertising Platform has been around for quite some time, what people don’t know much about is there’s been a lot of progress at the back of it which makes it innovative and efficient. WiFi Advertising Platforms of today has so much ad-technology built into the system, allowing different features like Real Time Bidding, Programmatic Integrations, better targeting and so much more!

We’ve built that platform, Vayafi – WiFi Advertising Platform, aims to help free wifi stakeholders monetize their WiFi thru Advertising revenues thereby making free WiFi sustainable.



It’s designed to be clean, straight to the point and interesting to users seeing the ad. It’s also important that WiFi ads are able to target and be relevant to the specific location allowing local venues to promote. It’s about relevant, targeted and hyperlocal ads that will make it compelling, interesting and at the right timing when served to users on specific venues.

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