WiFi Advertising Software – Vayafi

WiFi Advertising Software – Vayafi

Do you have WiFi hotspots around? Are you looking to start your own WiFi Advertising Business? We can surely help with our WiFi Advertising Software, Vayafi.



Vayafi is a 2 part system that helps you monetize the WiFi network:

  • On one part, it features a guest WiFi platform that enables venues to gather information from visitors that login to their free WiFi and giving them marketing tools to enable them to market their business better.
  • On the other part, it’s a WiFi advertising system that enables advertisers to target relevant ads at the right user at the right time at the right location! This comes with deep advertising technology that online platforms use and married it with the guest WiFi platform to enable automation and optimization of revenue.



The WiFi Advertising Software has a self service platform for advertisers to place ads into specific location, demographics, devices, and further targeting! What’s great about this is that it’s close of Point of Sale, it’s hyperlocal as it is in specific targeted areas, it’s relevant as it is right there, and super targeted that the users that see the ad are the right target market.


Should you be interested, please do visit Vayafi’s website as it is now the new consolidated product. We’re looking for local partners, please contact us if you’re interested.

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