Why WiFi is critical in customer device mobility

Why WiFi is critical in customer device mobility

According to Statista, globally, there is 4.61 billion mobile phone users! With the shift to mobile devices, mobility is the key challenge, especially with internet connectivity. It is said that Internet will be expected as much as electricity and water.



Here’s more reasons why you need WiFi in your venues / establishments:

  1. There’s available 3g, 4g and 5g networks available but it’s not enough to handle everyone.
  2. People expect to be connected while they’re out
  3. There’s a shift of using more communication tools within the internet than traditional mobile.


So as a venue or physical establishment, it is important to have WiFi networks built in. Customers / Guests expect this, and has impact on the sales of an establishment by increasing customer dwell time and repeat visit.


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