WiFi Hotspot Software: Tomizone Connect

WiFi Hotspot Software: Tomizone Connect



I’m sure by now, you may have come across many WiFi hotspot software and one describing distinctly what makes them different but sounds the same to you? We’d like to simplify it for you to help you make that decision faster.



What is WiFi Hotspot?

  • It’s a software that allows your guests to login to the WiFi aside from the traditional passwords.


On a marketing perspective:

  • Guests login via Social Media – not only are we able to collect more guest information (e.g. name, birthdays, contact details) but also gain fans and followers.
  • Opt In with proper legal Terms and Conditions – Get the proper marketing opt-in (newsletter or promotional messages) required by Data privacy laws and further coverage thru T&Cs.
  • Stronger Branding thru the Login Page – Own the login page by having it reflect your brand and what you stand for. It’s the perfect place to also promote your business.
  • Ask a Survey – Get guests to answer a survey to improve your customer service.
  • Redirect to a website – After the whole login process, you can direct them towards a contest you’re running on your website, leave a review on your business or anything you need for your marketing campaigns.
  • Encourage Repeat Visit – By collecting their guests’ contact information and opt-in, you’re now able to send messages (SMS or Email) to them that encourages them to come back. (e.g. Thank you for visiting Michael’s Café, here’s 20% off voucher on your next visit)
  • Automate, Target and Personalize Messages – Marketing today is about the 1 on 1 marketing message, we can help you automate the process in sending targeted and personalized messages to your customers at the right place and the right time!
  • Analytics Data – Make better business decisions and marketing campaigns thru the use of actual data collected on Customer demographics, interests, and behaviours!
  • Integrate – Do you currently use other marketing software? We can integrate with them thru our APIs.


On a technical perspective:

  • Hardware Agnostic – We can work with any hardware that you currently use.
  • Scalable – Whether you are a small café or as big as a city, we can scale the solution.
  • Location – We can track guests as they walk around your venue (requires special equipment)
  • Network Reports – Get all the important network reports to help you understand usage.
  • Cloud Based Portal – Manage the portal anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Time and Speed Limits – Limit usage of every guest to balance bandwidth.
  • Tiered Bandwidth – Provide different levels of service with a choice of allowing paid plans.
  • Multi User setup – You can have multiple users with varying levels of access to the portal.
  • Support – Online, Email and Phone Support with Dedicated Acount Management.

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