WiFi Hotspot Software: Using surveys to get truthful opinions

WiFi Hotspot Software: Using surveys to get truthful opinions


The biggest challenge of establishments is to get truthful and unfiltered comments from their customers, and there’s really a lot of reasons why. One promising technology is using WiFi hotspot software to gather customer opinions and allow you to get useful feedback.



Some of the issues encountered with Physical Surveys:

  • It is often filtered by their own staff, especially when it’s bad
  • Papers do get lost somewhere somehow
  • It is often ignored due to limited manpower and time
  • It requires effort to take it to a useful collective report


How can WiFi Hotspot Software help gather Opinions thru Surveys?

  1. 60% or more customers use WiFi while in establishments
  2. We’re able to identify who the customers are (information, contact details, and location)
  3. You’re then able to ask them a series of survey questions about your business
  4. They’re then connected and able to use the web



What’s great about using this WiFi Hotspot Software?

You’re able to generate opinions from your customers, but not just customers as a whole, we’re also able to correlate opinion by a specific customer, segment or demographic profile. It allows you to approach surveys in a more qualitative way, giving more insight and perspective. You can also be rest assured that the answers from the surveys go directly to upper management with options to allow establishment staff to view it. It is presented in a report manner allowing you to dissect and analyze the reports better without human intervention.


The most important part of this all is that, after you gather everything and analyze the surveys, we can allow you to do something about it to help the ones that answered the survey. Given that we collect their contact information for you, you’re able to then contact them again, give them rewards or to fix bad feedback, improving customer experience about your business.


**Tomizone can help you with our WiFi Hotspot Software improve your Surveys and gather truthful customer opinion.

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