How WiFi Map can make Advertising and Analytics smarter

How WiFi Map can make Advertising and Analytics smarter


We all hear about the latest advancement with WiFi especially in the field of way finder or indoor mapping. WiFi can now triangulate your device’s location inside a venue, allowing you to track Foot Traffic and so much more!


Aside from helping your venue’s guest find their way, there’s so much more that we can use the data for. It adds value to advertising and analytics which can truly justify this technology’s value and ROI for the business.


WiFi map for Advertising

Imagine mapping the whole mall, allowing you to segment areas and different tenants. You are then able to set Geo-fences (imaginary fences around an area) which if you enter or leave, will trigger the WiFi system to send you a message. These are messages that could entice you with a promotion (e.g. Step inside XYZ store and get 5% off) or flashing special offers. This can be done using Push Notification (given that you have an app), SMS or email, which is truly effective in notifying them about promotions in the venue.


The best thing about this is that, the customers are informed in every area, encouraging a purchase behavior. This service can be applied to venues in a café, restaurant or as large as a mall or airports. This can also be a revenue generator thru advertising sales or as a service to nearby venues / tenants.



WiFi map for Analytics

With the tracking element of WiFi, you are then fed with lots of valuable data that could help give deeper insights to the business. What’s great about this is that you’re given analytics in a ‘Google Analytics-like’ portal, empowering your offline venue with the same data as an online e-commerce. Knowing what demographics went to what areas, how long did they stay in the area and where’s the concentration of population and many more!


With this data, you’re able to make better business decisions, like did your window display work? Do you need to restructure the items instore? While for bigger venues, which areas get more foot traffic? How much more can I charge this area, given the amount of traffic it gets. More revenues thru smarter placement and data to give better justification to certain areas.

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