WiFi program for loyalty in Establishments

WiFi program for loyalty in Establishments

Loyalty programs in establishments are critical to getting more repeat sales and brand loyalty. With the advancement of WiFi programs, this can be easily done with the new WiFi Hotspot systems. This is how loyalty can become card-less and app-less, giving a better customer experience.



How can WiFi program make Loyalty better for Establishments?

  • Card-less and App-less – With the WiFi Loyalty program, you don’t need a card or app for your customers (wallet space and app space these days are tough competition). The beauty of it is that they can verify themselves by simply logging into the WiFi and can even be stricter to add face validation etc.
  • Integrated to sales – Instead of the customer saying that they have a specific card, the system can directly tell the customer that they have membership and discounts are given to them automatically as they know that these are your loyal customers. Imagine the reviews and ratings you get by honoring discounts automatically without customers reminding you they’re members.
  • Integration to CRM – With WiFi helping collect more information for you, your CRM is now equipped with more data about your customers. This allows you to serve them better and create a more personalized and targeted customer experience. With more added data about their behavior and visits, can give you a better insight. Great customer experience is worth going back to.


**We can help you make your WiFi program linked to your Loyalty System, contact us today.

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