WiFi Sign Inspirations

WiFi Sign Inspirations


Now that your establishment has WiFi, what’s critical is to promote that you have free WiFi! Whether it is bakery WiFi, café WiFi or even bars, to really get customers to get on the WiFi, you need physical signs! There are a lot of stickers with the WiFi sign on it, but it’s so normal that people miss that sign. So where can you find a great WiFi Sign design?


Here’s our Top 5 WiFi Sign Inspiration from Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/explore/wifi-password-printable/)



  1. Welcome Frame – Either Table top or Hanged on the Wall. What’s great about this is that you’re able to inform them that there’s free WiFi while welcoming them at the same time!



  1. Big Signage in-store – Adding some encouraging or cheesy lines within it is always eye-catching and a good brand exercise. Great to really tell them that you have WiFi in-store!



  1. Posters – While just saying you have WiFi may feel standard, you may want to explore using more known posters and adding more details or twisting it to say that you have WiFi.



WiFi signs have a significant effect to the number of people connecting to the WiFi. Typically we found an increase of at least 10%-20% in number of people that logged in should there be proper signages.


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