ZionWiFi-About to Change the Wi-Fi in PH

ZionWiFi – Social WiFi in the Philippines

As the technology rapidly evolves, it also alters the attitude and behavior of consumers. And for a business, not being able to cope with this change will really  hurt. How to cope up with change? Connect, reach and understand your customers  online, thus digital marketing.


In this modern generation, impact of the vast expanding technology has changed the  people’s behavior. Drinking coffee in the café, eating dinner at a restaurant and even  shopping at the mall has never been the same without the wave of internet connection-and that’s where Wi-Fi comes in.


Francis Simisim CEO of Social Light Inc.

Francis Simisim CEO of Social Light Inc.

ZionWiFi, an innovative social Wi-Fi marketing hotspot solution, saw the problem of the Wi-Fi connecting the customers to the online world but doesn’t connect them back to the business. We want to close the gap between businesses and customers by connecting them with each other thru maximizing the use of Wi-Fi. We understand that Wi-Fi has been a great necessity for consumers now and is one of the factors in choosing where to dine, stay or shop. And so, not having Wi-Fi at store would really be a pain for business. However, we also understand that it is an added cost so we thought of a way on how to transform the one-way scenario into a win-win scenario.


As the behavior of consumer changes, businesses should also take the lane of change. Digital marketing is starting to take its lift on today’s internet era. Wi-Fi married with Digital marketing is a truly innovative way to capture information and promote to them at the same time.



ZionWiFi – Social and Innovative    

ZionWiFI RouterZionWiFi is a “super Wi-Fi” equipped with different features that helps businesses understand their market better, connect to their customers, protect and control the Wi-Fi usage and contents, deliver personalized rewards, advertise thru Wi-Fi and so much more!


It allows businesses gain online presence and customer engagement as it requires customers to Like/Follow the venue’s social media page before having access to the internet. We want to break free from passwords and username and change the perception of the people on the use of Wi-Fi for sales and marketing purposes. We also have content filtering that protects customers from bad and dangerous websites and contents. Moreover, ZionWiFi provides Splash page where the customers are being redirected before connecting to the internet. Splash page contains the company logo and details, news and updates and advertisements so it’s really a good tool to increase brand awareness and recall.


Zion WiFi Team L-R: Dianne Lopez, Charly Untalan, Mel Angelo Rol, Abigail Camaya and CEO Francis Simisim sponsoring the Wi-Fi on the Blogapalooza 2014

Zion WiFi Team L-R: Dianne Lopez, Charly Untalan, Mel Angelo Rol, Abigail Camaya and CEO Francis Simisim sponsoring the Wi-Fi on the Blogapalooza 2014


The Worth of a Quality Like and Follow

A like and a follow don’t mean that much at first glance but once you take a deeper look at it, it means a lot more than just hitting that blue button. However, thousands of Like/Follow is worthless if there’s no engagement involve. Businesses need to engage and interact with their fans/ followers. A Like / Follow in ZionWiFi is different as these are real customer likes / follows who have visited your venue and have a great chance of pushing engagements (customers being able to relate to your posts) and bringing in repeat customers.

Aside from converting them into fans/followers, ZionWiFi will then get actionable data such as demographics, visit details and email addresses of customers. These are essential to help businesses understand their market better for them to be able to come up with better marketing and customer service ideas for a guaranteed customer satisfaction.


Understanding the Market

Through the data gathered, ZionWiFi then generates reports and database that serves as basis for intelligent business decisions. Reports and Analytic allows businesses understand their customers and including their changing needs and wants.

ZionWiFi enables businesses to gather reports and analytic that are comprehensive yet simple and easy to understand. The system also provides an in-depth customer database which allows businesses track their loyal, new and repeating customers.

ZionWiFi Account Managers explaining how ZionWiFi works to AFFI 2014 Visitors

ZionWiFi Account Managers explaining how ZionWiFi works to AFFI 2014 Visitors

Personalized Rewards

The coolest feature of our solution is the Automated Voucher which allows you to increase sales, upsell and cross sales by simply defining the profile of the receivers. According to IBM Generation Study, 90% of retailers agreed that digital coupons improve their ability to deliver personalized offers. Thru ZionWiFi, businesses can now deliver personalized rewards to their real customers in real time.

There is no constant but change. And ZionWiFi is always committed to its aim of making a change—to make Wi-Fi publicly a Win-Win scenario with business owners while providing safe, secure and intelligent internet connection!

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