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Prepare to be amazed with what you can do with your existing Free WIFI offering in your venue. You can see the full features and the price below.

Social Features

Multiple Social Networks

Customers Login thru Multiple Social Networks

Get Likes / Follows

Get Likes / Follows thru Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

All-in-One Inbox

Manage all your Social Media Messages under 1 Inbox

All-in-One Feeds

View all your Social Media Feeds in 1 Page

Customized Status Updates

Compose the Message that Customers post when Logging in

Login Forms

Allows Customers to Login by filling up a form (Those without Social Networks)

Safe and Secure WIFI

Extra WIFI Channels

2 Additional SSID’s (WIFI Channel), 1 additional public SSID and 1 Private SSID

Secured Data

Data Holding in Compliance with International Legal Requirements

SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption of Traffic, the same protection that e-commerce websites use

Control User Bandwidth

Limit Bandwidth Usage per User to ensure speeds are acceptable

Block Ports

Block certain Ports that may pose a danger to your network

Content Filtering

Filter Contents and Block Porn, Malicious and Unsafe Websites

Splash Page

Customized Page

Customize your Splash Page easily with our easy drag and drop system

Responsive Layout

Your Splash page adjusts depending on your user’s devices


Add Advertisements in your Splash page Easily

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Collect emails from real customers to promote your business to (Paid Feature)

Automated Voucher System

Automatically send email vouchers to customers based on Demographics / Visits

Customizable Voucher

Easily customize your voucher by adding images and text

Analytics and Reporting


Track the number of visits by customers

Customer Information

Demographics (Gender, Age & Location)

Devices Used

Devices used to Connect (Gadget, Browser Used etc.)

Visit Duration

Duration of Visit

Individual Customer Data

Access to Individual Customer Data. Know your Customers better

Social Media Mentions

Find out who’s talking about you on Social Media

Social Media Reach

Know how far your Social Media can reach

Online Portal

Collective Reporting

Collective Reporting for those with Multiple Locations

Manage Multiple Locations

Manage multiple locations in just 1 portal

Multiple Languages

We support Multiple Languages

Unlimited User Logins

Unlimited User Logins (50 Simultaneous Users Max per Access Point)

Secured Storage

Secure Storage of Individual Information

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