WIFI Marketing

WIFI Marketing

Use WIFI Marketing to utilize your free WIFI and use it to help promote your business. This can be done thru Social Media and Email which would help increase awareness to your customer.

Social Media Marketing

For every login it is an equivalent of a real customer like and follow which is of high value. And since it’s a Like / Follow, you stay connected with your visitors even if they’re out of your venue. Another thing is that since these are real customers, they can relate more to your brand therefore helping you improve interactions and engagement to your social media accounts.

Splash Page

With our Easy to Use, Drag and Drop system, you are able to customize your splash page easily. This allows you to insert collaterals that will help you promote your brand further as everyone needs to passby the splash portal to login. You can also insert as many advertisements (deals / offers etc) as you wish, which helps you market your products and services.

Email Marketing

Our Email Marketing strategy comes in two parts, first is the Email List and second is the Automated Voucher System. You are able to export our email list and send out newsletters or promotional emails to your customers. Secondly, the Automated Voucher system, allows you to send vouchers automatically via Visits, Demographics, Birthday and Top Customer Data. This allows you to send automated yet personalized vouchers that customers will truly appreciate.

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